My first approach to movement was through dance. I started my training in classical ballet at 5 years old and I'm still in it. I have worked as a professional dancer teacher and choreographer's assistant in Argentina, my country, Argentina (Ballet Universitario, Ballet de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, etc.). On those times, I also studied Psychology and Biology at Buenos Aires University.


About 15 years ago, I started widening my studies beyond the dance background by opening to new body conditioning techniques. The combination of several techniques merge through my own teching experience, led to the creation of a very effective floor barre method suitable not only for dance proffessionals but also for adults without any former dance training who wanted to add to their lives a body work based on aesthetic and harmony.

Since the beginning of the new century, about 2000, I found out about some Pilates method that was amazingly effective for conditioning and body-ming balance. I soon dive into it and a few months later started my teacher training at the official pilates centres in U.K., Canada and Spain. Over the years, I have completed my full certification in the method (all levels and equipment). I have also studied other body therapies (BMC-Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Body Rolling, MELT-Method, Franklin Methode, among others). All this together has allowed me to specialized in special populations, which includes working in rehabilitation (during and after physiotherapy treatment), sport training, senior citizens and pregnancy.

I live in Alicante since 2005 where I have worked (and still do, of course!!!) as an instructor in several pilates centres in both group and one-to-one classes. I have also taught master classes and workshops for pilates instructors.