Back & Neck Care

From the early beginnings by Joseph Pilates to today's pilates, we have traveled a long way. The good news is that there has been a lot of research into how and why the technique works so well for so many different people. By now, pilates can be used as a precision tool to reach and workout really deep muscles. Deep muscles are the ones that support us, the ones that hold our posture. This is why pilates is always credited with improving posture. On any pilates workout we are not just addressing superficial muscles (the ones we move with) but also these deep ones.

Almost everybody has suffered from back pain (low back and neck/shoulders areas being the most usually affected). Both chronic pain and occasional acute pain do weaken these deep postural muscles, aggravating poor posture. Pilates is a great way to restore deep muscle strength, address muscle imbalances and therefore improving posture and reducing the recurrence of back pain.