Happy Feet (and Hands too!)

We have all heard about how important hands and feet are health wise. Both Western and Eastern medicines have understood their importance and developed many treatments and therapies for them. However...


... we put them through constant stress and strain and they are always forgotten when it comes to care about them.


How many times have you found yourself clenching your fists without any particular reason? Have you experienced foot pain? Do you have cramps? Do your hands feel stiffer than usual?


If you ever have had any of these symptoms, that is why I am introducing you to a very special class in which we will workout our feet and hands by mobilizing their joints, stretching their muscles and hydrating their connective tissue.


It is very easy, it just takes a few little massage balls but the results are almost magical and can be felt not just on the spot but over the whole body. You will see and feel the difference in just one session.